Title: My Universes in Meta-Universe - Just a Dream Metaphysic
Measurements: 160 cm width x 200 cm height
Technique: Tetraptych Abstract oil painting on canvas

The concept of other universes has been proposed to explain how our universe can be developed for conscious life, we experience every day the extent where our reason is able to go.
If there are an infinite number of universes, anyone could create one or more and have a combination of laws and fundamental parameters which are suitable to those who imagine them: astronomical structures, the diversity of the elements, the stars, the planets, and the infinite any other principle that most suits them.
The anthropological principle could be that the universes are in each of us, allowing the existence thanks to the developed consciousness.
In all this, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine how I would like my universe and all of this transfer in the painting: 4 Ideas, 4 images, 4 canvas, with my 4 favorite colors, blue (comfort), yellow (search) red (passion) and black, this one associate with negative feelings, important to appreciate the other colors, so the positive things like comfort, research and passion).

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