Until then there was a department of Scotland Yard, in order to suppress any obvious homosexual practice. Gay men that want to meet other men, defined different symbols, such as bringing a green carnation. The song "Green Carnation" 1929, words and music by Noel Coward, represented in the film "Bitter Sweet".  Just as the "Green Carnation" each of the symbol and descriptions in the painting, has a story, strongly bound to love and passion, that, during development and research for this collection of paintings "Discovering Human Sexuality" made me understand how the homosexual environment, especially the male environment, having had and continue to suffer discrimination just because they want to love.

Metropolitan Gay Life

Metropolitan Gay Love is part of a collection of 12 paintings called "Discovering Human Sexuality."
This paintings collection was created in order to do something different than the common abstract ainting. Using a range of colors, relatively limited, I wanted to make some radical concepts bound to human sexuality without blinkers or hypocrisy in order to describe our sexual and sexuality life.The base of these painting is Ipermodern Realism. 
Metropolitan Gay Love is strongly committed to the symbolism of the “gay seen”; the Gay Rainbow, Pink Triangle on the bottom right of the picture, many loven and passion tendency that try to describe the history of the actual homosexual reality. One of these, which I really like is the "Green Carnation": Until the 60’s it was illegal in England been an homosexual.
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