​​Transexual Rights - Sylvia Rivera is part of a collection of 12 paintings called "Discovering Human Sexuality". This paintings collection was created in order to do something different than the common abstract ainting. Using a range of colors, relatively limited, I wanted to make some radical concepts bound to human sexuality without blinkers or hypocrisy in order to describe our sexual and sexuality life.The base of these painting is Ipermodern Realism.
The painting describes the Transexual revolution: the Stonewall Rebellion", include the most famous Transexual. The Painting Protagonist is Sylvia Riveira, a transsexual prostitute, who, after numerous raids by police in New York at the “Stonewall” club, was the first to reacting to the police.

 ​This rebellion was initially seen as a homosexual revolt, and up to mid-80s the name of Sylvia Riveira was ousted from the GBLT Propaganda. Sylvia Riveira, until she was in life, help many gay and transgender people who were homeless, abandoned by their respective families and society, for desperation they were into drugs and social problems. Sylvia Riveira a Fundation for helping this people that still continue help people today with the name of Sylvia Riveira project. Because of is love to the people, this painting is dedicate to her. 

Transexual Rights - Sylvia Rivera

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