Zoophile love

Also this painting was pubblished in the same newspaper (see this link: Broward Palm Beach)I was going around Miami Beach and in each newsbox there was the picture of a man kissing a dog. In the beginning I couldn’t understand the meaning of this picture, than I took a copy and I start to read the article. The first impression was “WOW, in Italy, they could never pubblish an article like this… Church, politics and the 90% of the population could get upset”, than my impression went into the protagonist of the article and I felt for him lonliness. Even with the Thomas Francis article, I could feel the indifference of the society.So I decide to describe this feeling in a painting: a non direct understandable image of a man that kiss a dog in the center of the painting , hide by the color of the Building of the Ocean Drive of Miami South Beach.In the end I think, that love is love, and it doesn’t matter where and how it come out and even zoophiles insticts, I think can be considered love. Zoophiles are part of our world and there is notthing of innatural because it is part of the hide human been instict.

Zoophiles Love is part of a collection composed by 12 painting called “Discovering Human Sexuality” I decided to do something unlike anything else I had ever done.I had also been entertaining the idea of creating a "color challenge" for myself. I wanted to do something dramatic in a very limited range of colors, using the primaries almost exclusively if possible. I indulge in the occasional departure from the strictures of Hypermodern Realism. This is substantial departure. The passion is represented in a fiery kiss explosion between a man and a dog, like a match head igniting under the indiffrence of the society. I was inspirate by an article of Thomas Francis pubblished the 18th of August 2009 by Miami New Times, “Animal Insticts”. ​​​

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