About Me

Since embarking on my artistic journey in the early 1990s, my creative pursuits have been deeply rooted in the exploration of sociopolitical themes through conceptually driven painting. My artistry is an ongoing dialogue with societal and political discourses, where I aim to highlight and question the complexities of social issues and the constructs of gender roles and identities. 

My work delves into the human condition, juxtaposing the fragility of our existence with visions of realism and speculative futures. This exploration is not only a reflection of the present but also a contemplation of the potential that lies ahead. The nuances of human vulnerability are captured through my artistic lens, inviting viewers to engage in a profound introspection and a reconsideration of the world around them.

After a significant hiatus that began in 2001, I found myself at a crossroads in 2010. It was then that I made the decisive choice to reignite my passion for painting and reintroduce my work to the world. This period of reflection and growth culminated in my alignment with the Art Movement Thinkism. This affiliation marks a new chapter in my career, characterized by a renewed commitment to using art as a vehicle for thought and change. Through my participation in various international competitions and artistic performances since 2010, I have sought not only to showcase my work but also to immerse myself in a global conversation about the transformative power of art. 

My journey is one of continuous evolution, as I strive to create art that not only questions and critiques but also inspires and transcends, urging us to envision a world where creativity and conscience coalesce.