abstract - SSGR

During a particularly artistic sterile phase in my life, where the mundane realities seemed overwhelmingly constrictive, I turned to the canvas as my escape hatch. These paintings, created with acrylic on 30x50 cm canvases, became my sanctuary, a vibrant parallel world where I could express myself without the constraints of the external world.

Each brushstroke was a deliberate rebellion against the greyness enveloping my days, each burst of color a testament to the internal landscapes I yearned to explore and expand. These pieces are more than just abstract forms; they are the language of my inner world, spoken through shapes and colors that interact dynamically, each one feeding into the next, creating a narrative that only art could tell.

This series reflects my journey through isolation and into the realms of personal freedom and creative exploration. It symbolizes the transformation from silence into a symphony of colors, from inertia into a dance of shapes. Through these paintings, I was not just passing time; I was architecting a universe of my own design, where every element is imbued with a part of my spirit, every hue a shade of my dreams and desires. How wondrous it is that in our darkest times, we can hold a brush and, with a few strokes, light up a whole new world that beckons us to enter and make our own rules.