Circular Dance and Geometric Rhythm: A Dual Exploration

This creation beautifully melds vivid colors and dynamic forms, capturing the boundless creativity and energy of the cosmos as it intertwines with human consciousness. The palette is a cacophony of hues, each clamoring for the spotlight yet settling into a vibrant harmony. There's a palpable energy and continuous flow within the composition, echoing the perpetual expansion of the universe and the relentless torrent of creative thought.

In contrast, another artwork embraces a more ordered aesthetic, employing geometric shapes and a muted color scheme to suggest stability and continuity. Here, circles and lines converge to form mesmerizing patterns, echoing the cyclic nature of both mechanical gears and natural processes. The deliberate symmetry and recurring motifs in this piece create a serene stillness, providing a stark juxtaposition to the lively, energetic expression of the first.

The Universe in My Mind

2010 Oil on Two Canvas cm 40 x 80 ((80x80) 

In "The Universe in my Mind," there's a captivating interplay of vibrant colors and fluid shapes that seems to capture the boundless energy and creativity of the cosmos as filtered through human consciousness. The palette is diverse, with each color vying for attention yet achieving a harmonious balance. This painting thrives on its dynamism and the impression of constant motion, suggesting the ever-expanding nature of the universe and the unending flow of thoughts in a creative mind. 


2010 Oil on Canvas board cm 30 x 50 

"Wheels" takes a more structured approach, using geometric forms and a limited color scheme to create a sense of order and repetition. Here, the circles and lines intersect to form a pattern that is both predictable and hypnotic, reminiscent of the cycles and rotations found both in machinery and nature. The painting's rigid symmetry and recurring motifs convey a meditative stillness, contrasting sharply with the first painting's chaotic vibrancy. 


2010 Oil on Canvas cm 40 x 40 

"Death," intrigues with its complex intertwining of ribbons in a labyrinth of muted yet distinct colors. The canvas becomes a metaphorical stage where each overlapping strand might symbolize the interconnectedness of life's journeys, suggesting that death is not an end but a part of a larger, intricate tapestry of existence.

The choice of earthy tones alongside pops of blue and yellow may represent the different facets of life—its richness, depth, and inevitable transitions. The intertwining forms, while chaotic, maintain a certain rhythm and harmony, reflecting the natural cycle of life and death. This piece invites contemplation, urging the viewer to ponder the inevitability and beauty of life's final chapter, portrayed not as a stark or morbid reality but as an essential, gracefully acknowledged passage.


2010 Oil on Canvas cm 50 x 50 

"Life," vibrantly encapsulates the essence of existence through its complex interplay of colorful loops and swirls. Each ring interacts with the others in a dynamic display, mimicking the interconnectedness and often hectic paths that characterize life itself. The palette is bold and diverse, symbolizing the variety of experiences, emotions, and connections we encounter.

The use of brighter colors like yellow and blue amidst earthier tones speaks to moments of joy and clarity within the often tangled web of our daily routines. The loops, overlapping and diverging, reflect life's unpredictable nature—moments intersect, part ways, and sometimes loop back, echoing the cyclical nature of experiences and lessons learned.

Overall, this painting offers a playful yet profound visual metaphor for life's complexity and beauty, encouraging a contemplative engagement with the paths we traverse and the intersections that define our journeys.