Discovering Faces

The series "Discovering Faces" is a fascinating exploration of identity and cultural expression through abstract portraiture. Each painting within the series seems to delve into the nuances of individual and collective identity as reflected in different cultures, such as "Italian Women" and "Arabian Women." The artist uses a variety of colors, patterns, and symbols unique to the regions represented, yet there is a common thread of humanity that ties the works together.

In this series, faces serve as canvases for a deeper exploration of societal and cultural identities. Abstract elements combine to form features that are recognizable yet leave much to the viewer's interpretation. This approach encourages viewers to consider the layers of meaning behind facial expressions and the stories they might tell.

The title "Discovering Faces" suggests an ongoing journey into understanding and representation, indicating that each work is not just a portrait but a discovery of the complex interplay between individuality and culture. The series invites contemplation on how we perceive and represent people from various backgrounds and the beauty inherent in the diversity of human experiences.

No Color - All Color - No Race - All Race 

Oil on canvas cardboard with perler bids cm 30 x cm50 

The painting "No Color - All Color - No Race - All Race" makes a bold statement on the theme of race and unity. The artist skillfully dismantles the concept of race by using a palette that includes both vibrant colors and shades of grey, suggesting that while our skin tones vary, they do not define us. The fragmented style and contrasting colors speak to a world beyond racial divisions, highlighting an essential human connection that outshines superficial differences. This piece is a visual manifesto of anti-racism, reminding us that in the absence of color, we can still perceive the full spectrum of humanity.


Oil on Canvas cm 20 x 30 

The painting titled "Sad" conveys a palpable sense of melancholy through its visual elements. The colors, while varied and vibrant, are applied in a way that doesn't denote joy but rather seems to echo the complexity of emotions one feels during sadness. The subject's eyes are especially evocative, holding a depth of emotion within them that draws the viewer in, making them almost feel the weight of the subject's sorrow. The strokes are dynamic yet there's a softness to them, contributing to the overall feeling of introspection and emotional heaviness. The artist has created a compelling piece that captures the multifaceted nature of sadness through a lens that is as colorful as it is poignant.

Italian Women 

Oil on Canvas with Perler Bids cm 50 x 50 

"Italian Women" is a vibrant, abstract celebration of Italy's cultural richness. The intricate patterns and bold shapes weave together to symbolize the multifaceted lives of Italian women. Each element of the painting might represent different strands of their experiences, from the arts to daily life. It's a dynamic, colorful homage to the spirit and diversity of Italian femininity.

Arabian Women  

Oil on Canvas with Perler Bids cm 50 x 50 

The painting is a rich mosaic of symbols and patterns, possibly reflecting the intricate beauty of Arabian culture. The abstract forms and the lively use of colors and embellishments could be seen as celebrating the complexity and depth of Arabian women's lives, with hints of traditional motifs and modern elements. This artwork appears to capture the essence of a culture known for its vibrant patterns and deep-seated traditions, presenting an abstract yet evocative representation of feminine identity within that context.