Discovering Future

The "Future" series captivates with its vibrant exploration of themes tied to the anticipation of what's to come. Through a visual language rich in symbols and abstract imagery, each painting delves into a different facet of the future, from the skies to societal undercurrents.

The pieces are united by a dynamic use of color and form, creating a tapestry of predictions that are as much a reflection of contemporary concerns as they are a prophecy. The artist's brush dances between hope and caution, painting potential realities with a boldness that challenges the viewer to confront the comfort of the present.

Central to the series is a dialogue on transformation—be it in how we communicate, our environmental trajectory, or the very fabric of societal structure. The use of abstract forms allows for an interpretation that is deeply personal yet universally relevant, as each viewer may find their own hopes and fears mirrored within the swirling patterns and fragmented shapes.

In this way, the "Future" series transcends mere artistic expression, becoming a visual forum for pondering the paths that lie ahead. The artist skillfully balances on the edge of prediction and imagination, leaving us to question not only what the future holds but also our role in shaping it.

Future City

2011 Oil on Canvas with Perler Bids cm 30 x 30 

This painting is a vivid and dynamic composition that combines elements of both abstract and representational art. The artist has created a vibrant tapestry of shapes and colors that seem to depict a bustling urban landscape, reimagined through a lens of abstraction.

The use of geometric shapes and bold, contrasting colors contributes to a sense of organized chaos, which could be interpreted as a reflection of the complexity and energy of a futuristic metropolis. There’s a playful interaction between the organic curves and the hard edges of the geometric forms, suggesting a harmony between technology and humanity.

Future Sky 

2011 Oil on Canvas with Perler Bids cm 30 x 3

"Future Sky" is an imaginative portrayal of the heavens, where traditional celestial imagery is replaced with a kaleidoscope of abstract, vibrant forms. These shapes against the deep blue might symbolize a blend of dreams, technology, and unknown cosmic elements, hinting at a sky that's alive with possibility and wonder.

Future Hell

2011 Oil on Canvas with Perler Bids cm 30 x 3

Titled "Future Hell," this painting presents a vivid and energetic tableau that combines a multitude of shapes and colors, creating a sense of chaotic vibrancy. The warm, fiery palette suggests intensity and fervor, while the jumble of abstract forms could symbolize a confusion or disturbance, aligning with the painting's infernal theme. It's a bold, dynamic vision of a future that's alive with motion and complexity, perhaps reflecting on the turmoil and challenges of times ahead.

Future Communication 

2011 Oil on Canvas with Perler Bids cm 30 x 3

"Future Communication" is a piece that bursts with symbols and patterns, suggesting a complex network of connections. The central motif, resembling an anchor or a hub, could symbolize the core of communication, from which all forms of interaction emanate. Around it, an array of diverse shapes and lines intertwine and overlap, perhaps representing the myriad ways we exchange information in the modern world, from digital signals to the fundamental human expressions.