Discovering Human Sexuality

The echoes of Sexuality delves deep into the complexities of human desire, presenting bold visuals that provoke thought and evoke emotion.

The "Discovering Human Sexuality" collection is an unflinching exploration of the nuanced spectrums of human sexual expression through the lens of Hypermodern Realism. Each of the twelve paintings serves as a candid vignette, challenging the viewer to confront and contemplate the realities of sexual identity, orientation, and behavior beyond conventional abstract interpretations.

Utilizing a deliberate palette, the artist employs color with precision and intention, weaving a visual narrative that delves deep into the fabric of sexual experience. The restricted range of hues does not confine the work but instead sharpens the focus on the subject matter, allowing the bold concepts to resonate more powerfully.

The collection navigates a course through the complexities of sexuality, stripping away societal pretense and hypocrisy. It does not shy away from depicting the raw, sometimes uncomfortable truths of human desires and practices, presenting them in a manner that is both unapologetic and illuminating.

In "Discovering Human Sexuality," the collection becomes a bold statement, a dynamic journey through the many facets of sexuality that define, divide, and unite us. It stands as a testament to the enduring quest to understand our most intimate selves amid the ever-shifting cultural and technological landscape.

Zoophiles Love 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with mix 

This painting is a daring journey into the heart of love and societal apathy. I took this challenge to stretch my artistic boundaries, choosing a bold execution with a palette that dances around primary colors. This marks a conscious departure from Hypermodern Realism, crafted to stir thoughts and evoke deep, emotional responses.

At the core of the work is a moment of intense passion—an incendiary, explosive kiss between a man and a dog—reflecting on societal detachment. This unconventional choice springs from an article I found, 'Animal Instincts' by Thomas Francis, published in the Miami New Times on August 18, 2009. Seeing this image in Miami Beach's newsboxes resonated with me deeply, prompting thoughts on cultural norms and how such a portrayal might stir shock or scorn in places like Italy, where the church and politics dominate public sentiment.

This artwork delves into the tangled web of human emotions and societal taboos. It paints a complex picture of love that dares to defy the ordinary. By setting this kiss against the colorful, yet obscuring backdrop of Miami's South Beach Ocean Drive, I invite the observer to peer deeper, to challenge their first impressions and grasp the profound isolation and emotion felt by my subjects and the article that moved me.

In declaring 'love is love,' my work advocates for expanding our views on affection and connection. By weaving zoophilic elements into the human sexual spectrum, I call for a broader acceptance of love's forms, urging viewers to challenge their biases and the often shunned instincts of human nature. Thus, this piece is not just a milestone in my artistic journey but also a plea for empathy and open-mindedness towards unorthodox expressions of love.

Transexual Rights - Sylvia Rivera 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with perler beads 

In this painting, I honor the legacy of Sylvia Rivera, a vanguard in the transgender movement. This piece captures the enduring spirit of Rivera, celebrating her crucial role in the Stonewall Uprising and her lifelong commitment to the most marginalized in the LGBTQ+ community.

I've woven a visual narrative that embodies Rivera's grit and empathy. Whether through symbolic motifs or a portrait that echoes her essence, this painting reflects the struggle, resilience, and quest for justice that she embodied. It serves as a vivid recognition of Rivera’s significant, yet often unacknowledged, contributions to the LGBTQ+ rights movement.

More than a mere representation, this artwork is a living tribute that prolongs the conversation Rivera ignited. It invites viewers to ponder the complex interplay of history, identity, and sexuality. This piece stands as a potent symbol of the progress still to be made in inclusivity and a salute to the trailblazers like Rivera who have led the way."

Metropolitan Gay Love 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with mix

In this journey, I have chosen a vibrant yet carefully curated color palette to tackle and express the nuanced and often complex themes surrounding human sexuality, casting aside any hint of evasion and prejudice. Grounded firmly in the stylistic nuances of Hypermodern Realism, my latest series is a bold exploration intended to unpack and communicate the diverse aspects of sexual and romantic life with unflinching honesty and depth.

Among the standout pieces in this series is "Metropolitan Gay Love," a work that is deeply anchored in the iconography of the LGBTQ+ community. This painting is not just an artistic creation; it is a vibrant tableau that brings together potent symbols such as the Gay Rainbow, the Pink Triangle, and the less commonly known but historically significant Green Carnation. Each symbol is chosen for its profound historical and cultural resonance within the LGBTQ+ narratives, weaving together a story of love, passion, struggle, and the ongoing journey toward rights and recognition.

The inclusion of the Green Carnation is particularly poignant. This discreet emblem, historically used in England to signify homosexual identity during periods when such expressions were criminalized, serves as a nod to a painful yet resilient past. It reflects on an era fraught with oppression, highlighting the clandestine ways in which the homosexual community had to navigate a society that was not just indifferent but often hostile.

Through "Metropolitan Gay Love," and indeed the entire series, I aim to highlight the resilience of the gay male community, not just in historical contexts but also in contemporary settings where discrimination, though less overt, still lingers. This piece, and others within the collection, celebrate the pursuit of love and happiness in the face of these societal challenges. 

By creating and exploring this collection, I find myself not only reflecting on the struggles and triumphs that mark the historical and current landscape of the homosexual community but also gaining a deeper insight into the complex, vibrant tapestry of human sexual and romantic experiences. This series is a testament to the power of art as a medium for storytelling, reflection, and advocacy—a visual dialogue that invites viewers to reconsider their perspectives and to acknowledge the depth of the human experience as it pertains to love and identity.

BDSM - Feeling 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with mix 

I embark on a visceral exploration of BDSM themes, highlighted by a striking depiction at the center: a woman's breast, detailed with an intense focus on realism. One nipple is pierced by a needle, from which a chain extends, symbolizing the intricate balance of pain and pleasure that defines BDSM relationships. 

Around this poignant central figure, symbols and text articulate the foundational elements of BDSM—bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. These are not merely explanatory but act as a bold affirmation of the painting’s intent. By integrating real objects like the chain into the canvas, I enhance the tangible connection between the viewer and the subject, inviting a deeper engagement with the themes presented.

"BDSM - Feeling" is thus more than a visual study; it is a provocative commentary on the beauty and complexity of relationships that are often misunderstood and stigmatized, urging a reevaluation of societal views on BDSM and highlighting its profound emotional and physical connections.

Bisexuality - MMMMFFF 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with mix

In "Bisexuality - MMMMFFF," this painting emerges as a bold, visual manifesto that explores the nuances of bisexual identities through a compelling interplay of color and form. At its core, the artwork employs a traditional palette—blue for men and pink for women—to delineate gender, but this conventional choice is subverted by the complex interactions depicted within the composition.

The central feature of the painting is a dynamic, almost kaleidoscopic arrangement of interlocking shapes and symbols that articulate sexual and romantic interactions across genders. This motif isn’t just visually striking; it acts as a powerful statement on the fluidity of human sexuality, suggesting that in the realm of desire, the specifics of identity can merge into a more expansive experience of connection.

The inclusion of perler beads adds a unique tactile dimension that contrasts with the smooth oil paint, underscoring the physical nature of human connection. This textural diversity not only deepens the visual impact but also beckons the viewer to engage with the physicality that underscores sexual and romantic entanglements.

Though the use of gender-coded colors might seem to reinforce traditional binaries, the interplay within the painting invites a deeper examination of bisexuality as a concept that transcends these limits. This artwork serves as a vibrant reminder that sexuality defies rigid categorization, flourishing instead across a spectrum that welcomes all expressions of identity.

Through this piece, I aim to challenge the viewer to reconsider their perceptions of gender and sexuality, blending symbolic complexity with literal elements in a way that both questions and celebrates the rich tapestry of human connections that define us all.

Cybersex - Many Possibilities  

Oil on canvas and mix cm40 x cm40

in 2011 "Cybersex - Many Possibilities" was awarded with a Honorable Mention at the Biennale of Chianciano. The painting delivers a provocative exploration of the digital revolution's impact on human sexuality and its effects on our intrinsic need for connection. The figure, absorbed by screens with carnal proposals, epitomizes the evolving landscape of sexual exploration, marked by anonymity and the transactional nature of cyber intimacy.

Foregrounding chat exchanges, the artwork captures the ephemeral and often impersonal communication that typifies virtual sexual platforms. 

In prompting contemplation, this piece articulates the paradox of technological progress: the boundless opportunities for pleasure it presents, against the backdrop of a potentially diminished human experience. It invites introspection on the profound effects of online sexual habits on our well-being and sense of identity, probing what intimacy means in the age of digital immediacy.

Metrosexuality - Metropolitan Solitude 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with perler bids

Coprofilia - WC Feelings 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with perler bids

Pedophilia - Another Kind of Sexuality 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with perler bids

Asexuality - Wanna Be  

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with perler bids

Eterosexuality - A Union Life  

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with perler bids

 Voyerism - Only Looking 

40 cm x 40 cm - Oil painting on canvas with perler bids