Discovering War

These paintings present a vivid exploration of the complex narrative of war. Through the use of silhouetted figures and a kaleidoscopic array of colors and shapes, the artist conveys the duality of war's nature—the somber shadows of conflict juxtaposed with the vibrant celebration of peace. The abstract designs infuse the canvases with movement, suggesting the turmoil and subsequent relief that follows. Silhouettes in various stances, from contemplative to jubilant, evoke the universal emotional journey from the depths of war to the heights of human resilience and joy. 

The artworks together form a thought-provoking dialogue on the human condition in the face of adversity, capturing both the gravity and the hope that emerge from the cessation of conflict.

War Party

2012 Oil on Canvas with Perler Bids cm 80 x 100 

"War Party" is a dynamic and colorful painting that contrasts a silhouetted group of figures with a vividly patterned background. The title suggests a celebratory yet potentially ironic theme, possibly touching on the duality of triumph and conflict. The artwork's use of stark silhouettes against a busy tapestry of shapes and designs lends it an energetic and abstract quality, hinting at deeper narratives beneath its playful surface.

Epilogue of War

2012 Oil on Canvas with Perler Bids cm 80 x 100 

"Epilogue of War" is a compelling piece that uses vibrant patterns and silhouetted figures to reflect on the aftermath of conflict. The figures, isolated on distinct, colorful platforms, may symbolize the diverse, enduring impacts of war. The abstract, chaotic background hints at the disruption and fragmentation war leaves behind. With its bold colors and dynamic composition, the painting invites viewers to contemplate the universal and impersonal nature of war's consequences.