Dual Rhythms of Abstraction

Dual Rhythms of Abstraction, featuring two ditties titled Green Carnival and One Way Direction. These acrylic on canvas works, each measuring 40 cm x 40 cm, delve into the dynamic interplay of color and form, offering viewers a vibrant and immersive visual experience.

This two paintings encapsulates the essence of movement and harmony through bold, interwoven shapes and a rich palette of colors. This series aims to evoke a sense of rhythm and flow, guiding the viewer's eye across the canvas in a dance of abstract forms. The juxtaposition of distinct compositions within the series creates a dialogue between the paintings, highlighting both their individuality and their connection.

The use of vivid colors and intricate patterns invites viewers to engage with the paintings on a deeper level, exploring the nuances of each element and the overall composition. The series challenges traditional notions of space and structure, offering a fresh perspective on abstract art.

Dual Rhythms of Abstraction is a celebration of color, form, and movement. Through Green Carnival and One Way Direction, this series invites viewers to experience the joy and wonder of abstract art. Each painting offers a unique perspective on the interplay of shapes and hues, encouraging a deeper engagement with the visual elements. I hope this series inspires you to explore the rhythms of abstraction and the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.

Green carnival 

40 cm x 40 cm - Acrylic painting on canvas with mix 

A joyous explosion of color and form, reminiscent of a festive celebration. The green background sets a vibrant stage for the interplay of geometric shapes and dynamic lines. This painting captures the essence of a carnival, with its lively energy and playful elements. The use of bold colors like red, purple, and yellow creates a striking contrast against the green, adding depth and movement to the composition.

Each shape and line in "Green Carnival" appears to dance across the canvas, creating a sense of rhythm and excitement. The intricate patterns and layered forms draw the viewer in, inviting them to explore the complexity and harmony within the painting. "Green Carnival" is a testament to the power of color and form to evoke joy and wonder.


40 cm x 40 cm - Acrylic painting on canvas with mix 

A journey through a maze of abstract paths and vibrant colors. The yellow background serves as a bright and inviting backdrop, guiding the viewer's eye along the intricate lines and shapes that traverse the canvas. This painting embodies the concept of direction and movement, with its dynamic composition and bold use of color.

The interplay of blue, red, and green elements against the yellow background creates a sense of depth and perspective, leading the viewer through a visual exploration of the painting. "One Way Direction" is a testament to the power of abstract art to convey a sense of journey and discovery. The painting invites viewers to embark on their own interpretive journey, exploring the rich textures and patterns within the composition.