We are Women - We are Men - let's start again

The diptych entitled "We are Women - We are Men - let's start again" engage with a minimalist approach, each canvas offering a stark contrast not only in color but possibly in theme. The left panel shows a red form on a white background, which could be interpreted as a symbol of femininity, perhaps suggesting the traditional association of the color red with women in terms of passion, or even the biological aspects of womanhood. The right panel displays a cream or white form against a black background, which could represent masculinity, with the black background signifying strength or the unknown.

The arrangement of the forms on each panel is reminiscent of drops or a trail, which might indicate movement or the passage of time. This could symbolize the journey of each gender through societal expectations or roles. The title suggests a reconciliation or a fresh start, indicating that while the differences between genders are acknowledged, there is a call for unity or new beginnings.

Critically, the artwork engages with the theme of gender using the economy of form. It relies on the viewer's interpretation and personal experiences to fill in the narrative, which is a strength, as it invites a multitude of perspectives. However, some might argue that its minimalism could be seen as too abstract or vague, potentially limiting its ability to communicate a clear message. The boldness lies in its simplicity, challenging the audience to ponder on gender and identity in a space that is uncluttered by detail or didactic symbolism.